Water Quality Report
The City of Monmouth works hard to provide you high-quality water!
The City continues to provide you with safe and reliable drinking water through the use of a multi-barrier approach to safety and reliability; source water protection, water treatment upgrades, certified system operators, active monitoring, and continued upgrades to the distribution system.
The City of Monmouth currently has four water sources: Marion County #1 and #2 are the City's primary sources, wells #4 and #5 are the secondary. Combined these wells are able to produce more than 3.0 million gallons of water per day. Supplementary sources of water are continually being sought out and developed to ensure the residents of Monmouth have a continuous, affordable supply of safe drinking water now and into the future. The City has begun development on three additional wells South of Independence along the West side of the Willamette River.
As you review the Water Quality Test Results you will see of the the approximately 90 substances the City routinely tests for, only a few have been detected in our drinking water system.