Municipal Court

NOTICE: Court sessions are canceled through at least the end of May. Court is expected to resume with in-person appearances on June 3, 2020, likely still continuing to follow social distancing practices in the court room. 

Matters which were scheduled during the closure will be reset.  If you do not receive a letter with your new court date set in either June or July, please contact the Court Clerk. 

If you have a criminal case and need your case handled sooner please contact the court or your attorney to check on having a special hearing set up for you.

Although City Hall is closed to the Public, you may still contact Municipal Court services by phone at 503-751-0136 -- leave a voice mail and the Court Clerk will get back to you; or email at:


Please note that currently the Court Clerk is only in the office on Mondays; she teleworks on Tuesday thru Thursday, and is off on Fridays. (Schedule subject to change).

Current Payment Options

For online or phone payments the City uses Xpress Bill Pay service.

Payments may only be made on cases where a fine has already been imposed. You will need your case number when making a payment.

XBP Live Attendant: 1-800-720-6847
XBP Online: Click the Button Below

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Court is held at Volunteer Hall, Located at 144 S Warren Street, directly behind City Hall. The presiding judge is Judge Todd McCann (since 2003). The Court Clerk is Wendie. Contact Wendie with questions at 503.751.0136.

Monmouth Municipal Court adjudicates misdemeanor and violation cases arising under municipal ordinances, certain state statutes, and miscellaneous other matters as provided by Ordinance.

Violation Bureau:

If you would like to handle your citation through the Violation Bureau you must appear at 151 W Main St, Monmouth OR (Monmouth City Hall) before the Court Clerk on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Please allow a few days for processing. All business must be finalized no later than 4:30 pm the day before your court appearance.

The clerk can take Not Guilty pleas in person or in writing and set trials on all violations.


If you would like to plead No Contest you can appear before the Court Clerk, she will look at your driving record and you may be able to pay a reduced fine. The clerk uses the same fine schedule as the judge. If you have more than three convictions on your driving record the clerk is unable to reduce the fine.

If you would like to explain circumstances related to your violation or need a payment plan you must appear in court.

Traffic School

This court does offer a traffic school program in some violations if they qualify. You can inquire on the day of your court or with the court clerk prior to your appearance date.

If you are charged with a crime you must appear before the Judge.


Handling Violations by Mail:

If you would like to plead No Contest and explain to the Judge what happened, this can be done in writing. The letter must be accompanied by the presumptive fine and your plea of No Contest. Your No Contest plea must be in writing either by marking and signing your citation or write it in your letter. All letters of explanation are given to the Judge and must be received before your scheduled court appearance. Your statement and driving record will be taken into consideration and fines will be assessed accordingly.  If you are fined less than the presumptive fine, a refund should be sent to you the following month. Make sure the court has a correct mailing address.

Not Guilty pleas on violations can be done in court, in writing or with the clerk. The court will need your current address and phone number. The clerk will set a trial and you will be notified by mail.  Violation trials are normally set on certain Wednesday afternoons between about 1:15 pm to about 3:30 pm. 


How to pay:

You can pay in person; 151 W Main St, by mail or drop box using the utility payment drop box. You may also pay with a Debit or Credit card in person or by phone with a 3% fee.  We do not have a pay online option for court at this time.



If you fail to pay your fines, it can be referred to collections at any time.  If your case is in collections, the amount owed will increase by about 30% and you will need to make payment to the collection agency. Professional Credit Service (PCS) 1-800-972-1635


Court Schedule:

There are specified days and times you need to appear depending on the matter you are trying to resolve. Municipal Court is held at Volunteer Hall, located at 144 S Warren St, directly behind City Hall. The presiding judge is Judge McCann.


Court is held most Wednesday mornings and is open to the public. A typical Wednesday goes as follows:     

8:30  am      Pre-Trial Conferences

9:00  am      Violation and Criminal Arraignments

9:30  am      License and Insurance Reviews (already been arraigned)

10:00  am      Probation and Diversion Reviews

10:30  am      Show Cause cases for Non-Compliance matters

11:00  am      Special Hearings and Misc. Issues


However this is subject to change based upon various factors.


Officer Trials, Bench Trials, Jury Trials, Hearings and Motions are set separately.


Appear before the Judge:

If you need to appear before the Judge, here is what may happen in court.


Ticket or Fines

Individuals will be called up one at a time. The judge will read the charge(s) against them and ask how they would like to plead. The judge handles the proceedings from there on a case – by – case basis. If a fine is imposed he will ask you if you can pay today or within 30 days.  Payment plans that exceed 30 days may be subject to additional fees.

If you fail to appear in court on a violation you may be found guilty by default. The full fine amount will be assessed against you along with a default fee. A default letter will be mailed to you at the address that appears on the citation unless you have notified the court of a current address.  In some cases a new court date might be allowed. Contact the clerk for more information.


Criminal Matters

At your first appearance before the judge, you will be advised of the charge against you, your criminal rights, and maximum penalties associated with the charges against you. The Judge will then ask you how you plead. If you have retained an attorney, they will usually appear with you. Court appointed attorneys are allowed in criminal cases only and if the defendant qualifies. There is a form to be filled out to see if you qualify. You can obtain this form ahead of time or on the day of court. If you qualify the judge will appoint an attorney from our list and set a new court date for which you and your attorney will appear. With an appointed attorney you will be ordered to pay back attorney fees.

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