Historic Monmouth
Monmouth, Oregon was settled by a group of immigrants from Monmouth, Illinois. Unfortunately, no structures from those early days remain.

The oldest private structure still existing in Monmouth today, is the Craven House, located on east Main Street. The Western Oregon University campus is where you can find the second oldest existing structure, known as Campbell Hall, dating back to 1871.

The updated Historic Walking Tour brochure offers three self-guided tours of historic Monmouth, including the historic downtown, the Western Oregon University campus, and the East Main Street Historic Neighborhood.
The Monmouth Historic Walking Tour Mobile Phone App is now available to download.  The Apple version is available at the iTunes store and the Android version is available on Google Play.  The app is free.

The City of Monmouth Architectural Styles and Guidelines document describes the eight distinctive building styles found in the East Main Street Historic Neighborhood that encompass all eras of Monmouth's historic development.